Why Should You Join Avon?

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Why Should You Join Avon? – Beauty Bosses UK

With Sales Leaders all over the world recruiting representatives for Avon, a lot of people are confused in regards of what Avon is and why you should join Avon over another company. With the sheer amount of benefits that Avon has to offer, the better question to ask would be why not? In this blog post, you can find out more about Avon, what the positions entail and how you can Join Avon and be in control of your own business in just minutes!

What is Avon?

Avon Cosmetics is a Cosmetics Retailer that offers a range of products from Makeup to Skin Care, Shower Gel to Clothing. They operate within the UK along with a whole range of other countries too. However, what sets Avon aside from the other companies is that they don’t have stores or physical locations. Avon sell products through Representatives which are members of staff that work for Avon, that sell products in return for a commission. They recruit millions of people across the world, from representatives to sales leaders!

What do you do as a representative?

As an Avon Representative, you sell products on behalf of Avon through either brochures which you can give to neighbours or locals or through your online store which you can promote through Social Media or though other forms of advertisements. In return for selling these Avon Products, you get paid a commission of 20-25% of your full order amount. So if you was to sell £1000 in Avon Products, you would get £200-£250 in return for those sales!

You have a range of tools and platforms available to use too and you can sell through more than one platform, allowing you to target more than one audience and demographic!

What do you do as an Avon Sales Leader?

Alongside your role as a Avon Representative, you can also become an Avon Sales Leader. This position is available to everybody who is an Avon Representative and past their first campaign with Avon and this is the next step to change Avon from a Side Job into a full business.

The role of an Avon Sales Leader is to build your own Avon Team. This is where you recruit representatives to go under yourself as a team and they sell products just like you do. You get paid a percent of what they earn and the more representatives and the more money your team earns, the more you earn!

Being an Avon Sales Leader allows you to turn your Avon Work into your very own Business with your own team and your own representatives and you can work with them to better your own income, while also giving those the opportunity to work from home!

So, why should you join Avon?

Now you know what each position entails with Avon, you might be wondering more about why you should join Avon and why Avon should be the company you choose to work and progress with. Below, you can find out more about the reasons why you should join Avon and what you have access to as an Avon Representative.

20-25% on personal sales

When working for Avon and achieving personal sales, you get paid 20-25% on your personal sales total each campaign! This means that your earning potential is extremely high and you have access to be able to earn thousands each campaign!

If you was to earn £1000 worth of Avon Sales, you could get paid £200-£250! This is a lot more than other companies offering the same system!

No Upfront Costs to join

When joining Avon, there is no upfront costs, meaning that you can start your Avon Journey without having to pay a single penny!

At the beginning of starting your Avon Journey, you have to order a starter kit which prices start at around £15, however you get over a week to pay for the kit and we will work with you to help you achieve your first couple of sales to cover the cost of your starter kit, making the join cost £0!

Personal Discount

As an Avon Representative, you also get access to the Demo Brochure. This is a brochure that is released each campaign that is exclusive for Representatives. The products and prices in this brochure is heavily discounted compared to the retail price that Avon plans to sell the product at and you get the ability to order the product earlier than other customers too!

While you also get the demo book, anything you order from the main brochure, you get 20-25% off too! This means if you purchase something for £1, you get it for 75-80p instead!

So even if you just buy Avon, being a representative is more than worth it!

New Brochure Every 3 weeks

Avon Brochures work on a 3-week rotation basis. This means that you get paid every 3 weeks and they also roll into each other meaning that you are constantly able to achieve higher amounts of money!

Also as it’s on a 3-week rotation basis, if a customer doesn’t want to order from a brochure, you can get another brochure to them within a few weeks! You get to earn more in one period of time than a typical job or by working for another company like Avon!

Want to be paid more often? Avon it is then!

The more you sell, the more you earn

With Avon, your earnings each campaign are uncapped, meaning that you can earn as much as you want to! The sky is really the limit with your earnings and you can control how much work you want to do!

This means that if you are looking to just top up your earnings or you are looking to replace your current job, you have the flexibility to do so with Avon!

Multiple ways to sell (Offline, Online or both!)

When selling Avon as a representative, you have more than one way to sell! This means that you have options when it comes to reaching customers and you can build your Avon Business accordingly!

You can post brochures around your Local Area, meaning that you take orders from the customers doorstep and then deliver the order when it arrives with you! This is the traditional way to do Avon and the majority of representatives post brochures in their village or area as this is the way a lot of customers like to order.

However, you also have your very own online store. This is a link to a store with Avon that has every product that the current brochure has, but it’s a store that you can share with people all over the United Kingdom! You still get the same commission that you would through posting brochures, however, Avon deliver the order for you, meaning that people order and get products, just like they would when ordering from Amazon or eBay!

And alongside both of those options, you can also share the brochure online. This means that your customers can flick through the online brochure which is the physical brochure but placed online for customers to see! They can still order with you as normal and you can still deliver the orders, you just don’t have to go and collect the order as they have done it online!

You don’t need to pay upfront, you get the products, deliver them, then pay avon & Yourself

When working with Avon as a representative, you get a credit account. This means that you can order the products for your customers, deliver the products, collect the money and then you will have a bill to pay Avon which you can do online through your Dashboard.

This means that being an Avon Representative is flexible in regards to getting paid as you just have to pay an Avon Bill instead of paying for the products first and then getting your money afterwards!

Joining Avon is easy too!

You can join Avon and be a representative behind your very own Avon Business in just a few minutes! We have our application form here which you can fill out with your basic information for our team to process and sign you up!

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch and join Avon today!

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