Where Is The Avon UK Head Office?

Where Is The Avon UK Head Office?
Where Is The Avon UK Head Office?

Avon has teams and sub-companies all over the world and a question that appears on a regular basis is “where is the Avon UK Head Office?”. Avon Worldwide is the worldwide division of Avon and one of those locations of Avon is the United Kingdom. With Millions of Representatives across the United Kingdom, Avon has a Head Office within the United Kingdom of which they manage and run all of their United Kingdom Operations out of. As a Representative, you may even be invited to go and visit the Head Office at some point during your Avon Career so knowing where it is and more information is important!

Avon’s UK Head Office is located in Northampton, South of the United Kingdom where they run and manage all of the UK Avon Operations such as deliveries, support, and more!

In this post, you can find out more about the head office locations and how you can get in contact with those offices, should an issue arise as a customer or as a Representative!

Where is the Avon UK Head Office?

Where Is The Avon UK Head Office?
Where Is The Avon UK Head Office?

As mentioned before, Avon does have 2 offices within the United Kingdom, one located in Northampton and one in London. However, the Northamption is their main office where they control the UK Operations of Avon Cosmetics UK. This includes handling support, deliveries, orders and more.

The address for the Northampton Avon UK Head Office is:

Nunn Mills Road,
NN1 5PA (Located In University Of Northampton

While Avon doesn’t allow general visitors, you may be invited to visit the head office during your time as an Avon Representative either to collect a reward or to tour the Head Office and Production. This is something that Avon offers as a reward to Avon Representatives for consistent hard work and achievement of specific targets.

How Can You Contact The Avon UK Head Office?

How Can You Contact The Avon UK Head Office?
How Can You Contact The Avon UK Head Office?

Contacting Avon Head Office is only something that would need to be done by a Representative or a Customer of Avon Cosmetics. You can contact Avon through a range of different ways including via telephone, email, contact form, and more.

The ways to contact Avon are as follows:

  • Customer Service Number – 0333 234 5678
  • Representative Support Number – 0333 234 5000
  • Sales Leader Support Number – 0333 234 4000
  • Avon Online Chat (Representatives & Sales Leaders Only!) – Online Chat
  • Avon Contact Email – uk.contact@avon.com
  • Contact Via Mail/Post – Sales Service Centre, Avon Cosmetics Limited, Earlstrees Road, Corby, Northamptonshire, NN17 4AZ
  • Avon Contact Form – https://avon.uk.com/contact-us/

If you have a Representative as a Customer or you have an Upline as a Representative, you can also contact those with any issues that may arise as they can usually help you to resolve the issue!

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