What Is Virtual Door Knocking?

What Is Virtual Door Knocking
What Is Virtual Door Knocking?

Whether you are with Avon as a Representative or a Sales Leader, you are probably using platforms such as Facebook to help you to expand your Avon Business by expanding your Avon Team and by Generating Sales through posting or through your Facebook Group/Page. However, you can try Virtual Door Knocking or VDK’ing to expand your Avon Business. In this post, you can find out more about Virtual Door Knocking and how you can use groups on Facebook, to expand your Avon Business.

Virtual Door Knocking or VDK’ing is the act of “knocking” on virtual doors to contact people with your Avon Opportunity or Offer. You can do this to thousands of people a day and it’s a great way to create direct engagement between you and your audience, which in turn will allow you to pitch your offer straight away!

Now, posting in groups with your advertisements is great. You can continue doing this while you are Virtual Door Knocking as multiple sales methods are better than just one. However, with millions of Representatives across the United Kingdom all posting in roughly the same groups, getting your posts noticed by your target audience can often prove to be a challenge. A lot of the time, people who see your Avon Post within their Newsfeed has previously seen multiple of the same selling post and therefore, probably won’t be interested. This is where Virtual Door Knocking comes in.

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So, what is Virtual Door knocking?

What Is Virtual Door Knocking?
What Is Virtual Door Knocking?

VDK’ing is pretty much self explanatory in the fact that you are knocking on doors, but virtually through Facebook Groups. Now this is something that some representatives may already know about and use, however a lot of representatives aren’t doing it. This could be down to a couple of reasons such as they don’t know how to or they don’t know where to do it.

VDK’ing is simple. We are using the selling feature of Facebook to enter the inbox directly of those who we want to recruit or sell too. As some of you may know, if you message somebody directly, your message will go into their message requests folder and therefore the person you have messaged, won’t see your message.

However, if you message somebody through a Sale Post on Facebook, your message goes directly into their inbox and not into the message requests folder. This means that you can get right in front of your audience with every single message.

It’s easy to do too and you can create a copy and paste template to do exactly that. All you need to VDK is;

  • Facebook Groups To VDK In
  • A Message/Text To Send
  • A Spare 10 Minutes

That really is all you need! You just need to ensure that you are in Selling Groups on Facebook as it’s selling posts that we are going for, not general discussion posts. Let’s get started!

Find a post to Door Knock!

Find A Post To VDK

The first step of VDK’ing is to find a post and person to door knock. This is where you go into your Facebook Group of choice and look for somebody selling something. For example, the screenshot above is a woman looking for something for her partner.

You want to look through the group for any posts that include the message button on the right as this is the featured needed, as previously mentioned. You should find one pretty quickly within most selling groups as they are usually active, however groups with lower member counts may prove to be a challenge!

Once you have found somebody that you would like to door knock, you need to move onto the next step and send them a message!

Send Your Opening Message!

Send Your Opening Message!
Send Your Opening Message!

Once you have found somebody that you would like to Virtual Door Knock, you need to send your opening message. Now your Opening Message all depends on what you are VDK’ing for. If you are trying to Recruit them to join your Avon Team, your message may be totally different compared to messaging them to sell Avon to them as a customer. However, regardless of what you are messaging them for, the process is the same.

Within your opening message, you want to include some basic factors to ensure that your not giving off the impression that your message is just a copy and paste message and that it’s personalised, at least a bit!

You can do this by including the name of the person that you are messaging within your opening message. This will require you to change it each time you send the message, however people are much more likely to reply to you if you include their name within the message as it feels more personal.

An example of using their name would be something like;

I saw that you were selling some items within the selling groups here on Facebook and I was wondering if you would like to earn some extra money by selling Avon Products through Facebook, like you are already doing!

Of course if you are messaging to sell, you would change your message and layout to match selling and maybe even include a link to your online store so that they can click through and purchase!

Virtual Door Knocking As A Representative

Virtual Door Knocking As A Representative
Virtual Door Knocking As A Representative

As previously mentioned, you can Virtual Door Knock as both a Representative and as a Sales Leader. This means that you can directly sell either the Avon opportunity or Avon products via the VDK method, however knowing the specifics as a Representative will help you to get that one step closer to increasing your sales.

As a Representative, you are only messaging to sell. This means that your opening message and conversation needs to be about Avon Products directly. This is where you need to plan and tailor your message to match what you are selling, without looking like spam or like you have just copied and pasted the message, even though you have!

You can create a template message as previously mentioned and just tweak it for each message, but what should you say within your message to get them to purchase your Avon Products?

Well you need to create engagement straight away. This could be with an opening question or by mentioning something that would encourage a reply.

Something such as “Hi Name, would you be interested in taking a look at my online brochure?” would work well. However, it’s also about knowing how to work with responses. If the person replies no, don’t remove their message. See if you can continue your message with them by following with “Oh not a problem, would you be interested in taking a look? It doesn’t cost to just see what you think!”.

It’s one of the biggest issues with members of the British Public, they don’t like spending money and it’s your job to make them spend some money!

Virtual Door Knocking As A Sales Leader

Virtual Door Knocking As A Sales Leader
Virtual Door Knocking As A Sales Leader

Now you can Virtual Door Knock as both a Representative and as a Sales Leader, however VDK’ing is more common across Sales Leadership Teams than for selling Avon as it’s effective in regards to offering the Avon Opportunity, however this is a lot more than selling a bottle of handwash or a shampoo, you are getting someone to join Avon and work for the business.

This means that your approach while being the same physically, needs to be changed to match the needs of your audience as opposed to just pitching and selling. You need to persuade them to Join Avon, you can’t just expect them to say yes to joining straight off the first message as this most likely, won’t happen.

Your opening message is pretty much the same, however you aren’t selling products, you are recruiting. So you want to pitch the idea of joining Avon, however the bit that does change is how you follow up to their replying message.

Your not leaving your store link anymore, you want them to sign up and pay £15 to Avon! This isn’t something that a lot of people are a huge fan about, but they will join.

Your message could look something like “Hi NAME, I saw that you are selling some Items within the Facebook Selling Group and I was wondering if you would like to Join Avon and earn some extra money by doing what you are already doing?”. If you can, you want to make the whole process and Avon sound easy to join and easy to do. This is what will convince them to join.

A lot of the time, you will get a response either saying “No Thank You” or asking for more information.

If they say No, you want to follow up with another question. This could be something such as “Oh not a problem, is there a specific reason why?”. You want to keep the conversation flowing with questions as this is what will convert your No, to a yes.

If they reply asking for more information, you want to send them a message explaining how Avon works, along with the benefits. However, you want to make sure that you explain the benefits and make a point out of them to ensure that they know why it’s a good thing to join Avon.

And that’s how you virtual door knock!

Virtual Door Knocking is a fantastic way to sell and recruit for Avon and regardless of your position within Avon, anybody can VDK and generate more income and sales within their Avon Business! Just send your first message and see what you can do!

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