What Is Avon Contactless Delivery?

What Is Avon Contactless Delivery?
What Is Avon Contactless Delivery?

As people know, the United Kingdom is currently going through a Lockdown. This is due to the Coronavirus Outbreak that has affected a lot of the country. It has affected everybody in one way or another, including Avon Cosmetics too. While a lot of the business has changed, so has Representative Deliveries, such as Avon Contactless Delivery.

Avon Contactless Delivery is a safe way of Delivering Avon as a Representative, keeping Covid-19 Safe for everybody. However, a lot of people don’t know what Avon Contactless Delivery is.

Regardless of whether you are an Avon Customer or an Avon Representative, you may need to know what Avon Contactless Delivery is and what it entails. This is to ensure that you recieve your order and that you know what to expect when your Representative Visits or when you are delivering.

While not all Customers & Representatives may want to deliver through contactless methods, the Contactless Delivery Strategy is a great way of ensuring that everybody remains safe. Covid-19 is a threat to people and knowing how to prevent it is important!

What Is Avon Contactless Delivery?

What Is Avon Contactless Delivery?
What Is Avon Contactless Delivery?

Avon Contactless Delivery is where a Representative delivers an Avon Order without any direct contact to the customer. The idea of this is to minimise any risk of contracting the virus for both parties. It’s a very safe and effective way of delivery and it works very well too, keeping everybody as safe as possible.

However, not every Representative and Customer knows what this is and how it works which can cause some confusion when being carried out, hence why everybody needs to know what the strategy is. It’s to keep everybody in the loop!

1. I Will Put Your Order On Your Doorstep

The first step of Contactless Delivery is to place your order on your doorstep. This is the first move of the Avon Contactless Delivery Strategy, allowing everybody to remain as safe as possible. At first, you may be confused, however your Representative will carry out the strategy.

Once the order has been placed, it’s time to let you know that your Representative is here with your delivery.

2. Ring Your Door Bell/Knock

Once your order has been placed on your doorstep, your Representative will then proceed to ring your Doorbell or Knock on your door. This is to alert you that they are outside with your order.

However, don’t rush to answer the door. Your Representative still needs to do one more thing to ensure that you both remain as safe as possible during delivery. Just make your way to the door as you normally would.

3. Representative Will Move Back 2 Metres

Once your Door Bell has been rang or your Door has been knocked on, your Representative will move back 2 metres. This is to ensure that a gap is left between you and your Representative to minimise any risk.

They may still talk to you as normal, just from 2 metres away to ensure that nothing is contracted between you both. It’s just another safety measure to ensure Covid-19 Safety.

4. Please Collect Your Order And Return To Your Property

Once you have answered the door, please collect your order and return to your property. This is to ensure that the 2 metre gap is left to keep everybody safe.

You may have to take a couple of steps outside of your property to collect your order, depending on where it is. However, once you have picked your order up, return to your door.

5. Leave The Money Outside

Once you have returned to your door, leave the money outside where your order was before closing your door. This is to again minimise any risk between you and your Representative.

Once you have placed the money outside, please close your door so that your Representative can enter your garden, collect your money and leave.

There you have completed a Avon Contactless Delivery with a Representative, keeping you safe!

Is Avon Contactless Delivery Really Needed?

While the process is really easy, a lot of people are interested in if Avon Contactless Delivery is really needed between Customers & Representatives. Some people believe that Covid-19 isn’t much of a risk and therefore things should continue as normal. However, it’s about Representative & Customer Safety.

The government guidance is to leave a gap of 2 metres between you and other people, therefore this method allows you to keep that gap. We appreciate that Customers & Representatives chat about Avon, however at the moment, that is difficult.

Some Representatives may not bother with Avon Contactless Delivery, however keeping safe is essential, however it’s done. Contactless Delivery is just one of the many ways to keep safe.

Do You Have to Carry Out Avon Contactless Delivery?

It’s not a requirement by any means. It’s just guidance of a way to keep safe when you are out delivering Avon Products to customers or accepting them from Representatives. However, it’s not forced upon and you have a choice when it comes to doing so.

If you would prefer to carry out delivery in a different way, that is your choice and acceptable too!

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