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Welcome to Beauty Bosses UK and welcome to our First Blog Post! For those of you that don’t know who we are or what we do, this is your chance to find out about all of the main important things that you need to know about Beauty Bosses UK and the team behind it! From selling thousands of pounds worth of Avon every year to recruiting hundreds of reps a year, we are growing as a UK Avon Team and this new website is a huge part of that process! Read below!

What or who is beauty bosses uk?

Beauty Bosses UK is a UK Avon Team that is made up of both Sales Leaders and Representatives. We work together as a team to sell products to thousands of people every year and we all work to make sure that the income our Avon Businesses generate is the maximum that it can possibly be! However, we have not always been know as “Beauty Bosses UK”. At the very start of our Avon Journey, our 2 Sales Leaders, Sami & Heather ran the team as “Sami & Heather’s Avon” however in recent months, we have decided that in order to grow, we wanted a nice catchy name for people to remember, hence the Beauty Bosses name! While going through the change of name, we looked into the various aspects that we wanted to include as a team to help both ourselves and our representatives. We now have tools for our team such as our exclusive Facebook Group and this very website that you are reading this post on! We are also working very closely alongside Ryan at Selected Marketing to really maximize a range of factors! That is how we began!

What can you expect from us as an Avon team?

If you have visited other Avon Websites, you might have found that the people behind those websites are very pushy in terms of trying to recruit representatives into their Avon Business and while that is the end goal, we wanted to give our visitors and team something more to work with. We don’t bombard you with Advertisements on this website, if you want to join our team then you are more than welcome to, if you don’t want to then you are free to browse our website without feeling pressured! Another great feature across our Website is that you can find the answers to questions about Avon and you can find out any information that you need. We worked to include this feature and we continue to build it for the simple reason of our team knowing how it feels to be pressured. We have all seen the pushy advertisements online and it instantly gives people a negative mentality towards Avon and other companies like Avon online. We want to change that!

However, if you come across our website and you want the answer to a question that isn’t already answered elsewhere, you can use our Contact Page which you can find here to ask any questions that you might have!

What if I want to join Avon?

If you want to join Avon and join our team, then you are more than welcome! You can find the Form to join here where you can submit your details and wait for one of our Leaders to be in touch about joining!

So this is our First Blog Post about ourselves and the Beauty Bosses brand! We will be posting Blog Content on a regular basis to inform people of various areas of Avon and also to just say Hello!

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