Starting an Avon business

Welcome to avon & welcome to beauty bosses! This page is all about starting an avon business and how you can be successful!

Starting an avon business

Signing up to Avon for the first time can be quite a daunting process. You see one of our Advertisements on Facebook and you instantly starting asking questions. Things like “Is it legit?” and “Is it worthwhile?” instantly start crossing your mind! It’s natural to ask questions, we all do it!

This page of our website is all about starting your Avon Business. This is for everybody from people who have recently signed up to people who are even thinking about signing up, we have something for you!

Take a look at our content below to find out more about Avon and the Process being having a Successful Avon Business!

Want to join avon?

Maybe your mind is already made up and you want to sign up to avon and start working from home? Click the button below to fill out our form and to join our Avon team today!

How do you start your avon business?

Starting your Avon Business is really quite easy! You can be on your way in just minutes, with the support of our Sales Leaders and even other Representatives! There is no other job like it!

To join our Avon Team, you need to do the following!

Step 2

The second step is to prepare your Identification for our sales leader. Your ID can be anything from your Drivers License to your Passport. Just something so that our sales leader can identify yourself and that you are who you say you are!

Step 3

The third step is to wait for our Sales Leader to get in contact! This is usually through Facebook (If you provided a link) or via Text Message! Our sales leader will go through some extra information and then video call you to check your ID from step 2!

Step 4

Our sales leader will process all of your information including your ID and if successful, you will be able to order your starter kit and start selling Avon! You can start earning money through your Online Store so you don't have to wait for your starter kit!

And that is it! Our Sales Leader will add you to our Exclusive Representative Facebook Group and you will be on your way to selling Avon and earning a living from home!

The support doesn’t stop there though! Our team of Sales Leaders and Representatives will help you with your Avon Sales and you are never more than a message away from any answers or help that you might need!

Below this, you can find our extra tips and things to do which can help you to sell Avon both Online & Offline! We know what works and what doesn’t!

Other ways to grow your avon business

So alongside your Brochures and normal ways of selling Avon, we know that in 2020, Social Media is becoming one of the fastest growing and largest platforms for selling and engagement! That is why here at Beauty Bosses UK, we like to get our representatives up and running with platforms such as Facebook & Instagram!

Take a look below to find out more about Social Media and how you can use it to better your Avon Business!

Creating a Facebook Page

A typical person on Facebook has over 500 friends. This means that as an Avon Representative, you have over 500 potential customers for your Avon Business! However spamming these friends isn’t very efficient. This is why we use Facebook Pages. This allows your friends to choose whether they want to opt into your Avon Posts or not!

Creating a Page is great however you still should post once a campaign on your own Facebook Profile. This reminds your friends that perhaps haven’t liked your page, to like it! 

When creating a Page on Facebook, you want to be expanding your outreach as much as possible! So when you have created your page, you need to do a couple of things to make sure that you have the best chance possible with achieving sales!

The first of these things is to set a Profile Picture and a Cover Image. We have a range of images and content that you can use for this, just ask in the Facebook Group and we will help! Alongside this, make sure that your Name matches your Brand and the type of sale you are trying to create! Names like “Avon Bargains” are no good as you can’t sell Avon cheaper than anyone else, but the customers don’t know that 😉

The second of these things is to Invite your Friends to like your Facebook Page. This is easily done and Facebook will more than likely ask you to do it anyway. On the chance that Facebook hasn’t asked you, you need to go to your page, bit the little arrow in the top, share and Invite Friends and then go through and invite all of your friends. Some of your friends might not want to like but you will find that the majority of your friends will like your page!

The third of these things is to make a post on your page! Your first post should be a bit of an introduction to what you are offering and doing on your page and to tell your friends that they can ask for a book or even message you to order. You could even link the latest online brochure with this post, to give you even more of a chance of getting some sales! 

The fourth of these steps is to share your first post around on Facebook. You can share it on your personal timeline but also look for some Groups that are based around your Local Area and share it in there too! This will help to reach people who are in your Local Area, but you might not be friends with them or you might not even know them! You will start to find that very quickly, you will pick up some Local Customers!

Creating an Instagram Page

Creating a Facebook Page is one of the main parts of the Avon Business Process, however you can also use Instagram! Instagram is owned by Facebook and therefore works in a very similar way! You can create posts and share with friends and even reach more people through Hashtags however the reach on Instagram is usually a lot more than a typical Facebook post.

Creating an Instagram Account is just one step of the process. Creating posts is the main aspect of your Instagram however you can use Keywords and Hashtags to expand your reach and so that more people see your page! Read below to find out more about using Instagram to increase your Avon Sales!

The first step to using Instagram for expanding your Avon Sales is to create your page. Try and get the name of your Instagram to match that of your Facebook Page as this allows for your visitors and traffic to interlink! Also while naming your page, make sure that you add a Profile Picture that works for your Profile. This should be the same image that you have used on your Facebook! And Finally, make sure that your Bio includes main keywords such as “Avon” and “Makeup” and that you have included a link to your Online Store!

The second step is to create your posts. These posts can be found on our Group, this website or even on Pinterest and upload them to your profile. When uploading however, add a caption or message that explains the product or thing in the image and then include some hashtags.

These Hashtags could be anything from #Like to #Avon and #Makeup. Aim for around 20-30 hashtags to make sure that you are reaching the maximum amount of people, per post!

The Third Step and the step that goes without saying is to post often. Make sure that you are posting on both your Instagram and Facebook Profiles at least once a day! This allows for your followers and audience to see a steady flow of content and it also allows for your audience to keep engaged with your posts on a regular basis! 

Extra ways to increase sales

While Social Media does play a big part of your Avon Business, there is also other platforms and tools to use that can help you to really expand your Avon Business. From sharing in groups on Facebook to asking friends if they know people who might be interested, you can always expand your sales with your Avon Business. We have complied the main ways to increase sales below, take a read!

Asking Friends
Asking your Friends if they know people that might be interested works rather well for those representatives that have supportive friends or even supportive friends lists. The way this works is rather easy, just look at your friends on Facebook and even family and just send them a quick message. Don’t make the message into a sales pitch though, something short and sweet usually does the trick!

“Hey NAME, I have started Avon recently and I was wondering if you knew anyone who might be interested? Just trying to build my customers up, thank you :)”

You might find that a lot of the replies are “no sorry” or “no, I don’t know anyone” however if just one or two people say that they do know somebody then it’s one or two extra sales for your Avon Business! You might even find that some people will share your posts, just to help you out a bit!

You can even ask your friends to ask their work collegues. Some might be a little sceptical with doing this but you will find that some of your friends won’t mind a more often than not, people in their workplace might be interested!

Local Events
Another great way to expand your sales within your Avon Business is to look for Local Events. These events can be anything from Local School Fairs to Christmas Markets. Ask your Local Group on Facebook or even contact your Local Council to just ask! You may have to pay a small fee but you can usually setup a store at Local Events and people will interested in what you have to offer! Even if you take a couple of products and some brochures, you can turn people that are just looking into regular monthly customers rather easily!