Social Media Content

Find social media content here to use on your Avon Social Media Platforms to help increase sales or build engagement!

Social Media COntent

Below you can find a range of Content to use on your Social Media Platforms! From Popular Products to Images and Content that can be used to increase engagement on your Social Profiles, we actively update and add content for you to use as a representative!

What are you waiting for? Get posting!

Engagement Images/Content

The images below are targeted towards increasing engagement on your Social Profiles! You can use these images to potentially start conversations with those who react of comment and start converting visitors into customers!

Product Images/Content

The images below are targeted towards increasing sales on particular products! We have researched the popular products that Avon offer and shared them below to help representatives to increase sales!

Using this content on your Social

The Content Above has been created for use across both Facebook & Instagram, however a lot of Representatives struggle on how to post or how often to post content on their Social Profiles! Below you can find the top tips to using Social for your Avon Business!

Post Frequently

Posting Frequently is a huge part of using Social as achieving engagement is one thing, it’s more about carrying that engagement on! With Facebook & Instagram in mind, posting on each of these platforms should be done as follows!

Follow the Social Meal Plan:

Post up to 3 times a day, those 3 times being Morning, Midday and Afternoon/Evening. This will result in improve engagement compared to randomly posting and it will allow people to see your content in a morning before work, on their lunch break and in an evening, after work!

Add Written Copy to your Posts:

When posting on both Instagram and Facebook, make sure that you add some Written Copy to your posts. This will give your post a bit more value and you can deliver some high quality information to your audience!

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