Sami hamilton

Find out more about our Sales Leader, sami hamilton and what she does for the Beauty Bosses UK Team!

Sami Hamilton - Avon Sales Leader

Sami Hamilton is one of the Avon Sales Leaders & Owners here at Beauty Bosses UK. She works closely with the team and the Representatives to make sure that they are working towards their next level or their next Pound of income. She is the name and face of the Beauty Bosses UK Team and when joining and working for Avon under our leadership, you will see a lot of her! She doesn’t bite though!

From sami herself!

“Before I joined Avon, I was looking for something that could allow me to earn money from home. I already had a full time job as I own my own shop but I wanted something else to really expand my income. I joined Avon as a Sales Representative, selling products and posting books and now I am an Avon Sales Leader with my very own team of Avon Sales Representatives that I get the chance to mentor and help! The results really make it worth it!”

Want to join avon and be like sami?

Join Avon Today through our online form and Sami will be in touch to discuss more about the Avon opportunity and how you can start selling avon yourself in just minutes!