Parcelforce Returns Label Code

Parcelforce Returns Label Code
Parcelforce Returns Label Code

At some point during your Avon Journey, you will need to return an Avon Product back to Avon in order for you to be credited for the product and therefore not charged. However, the way you return Avon Products and what you require to do so has changed over the last couple of months due to the courier change to Parcelforce. You now need a Parcelforce Returns Label Code, of which you can find within this blog post!

If you are looking for the Parcelforce Returns Label Code, it’s 91454, of which you can enter into your Representative Area, along with your customer orders to obtain some Parcelforce Returns Labels when you are ordering products!

You will need to use a Parcelforce Returns Label when you are processing the return of any product with Avon and by not doing so, your delivery driver may refuse to collect and process your returns and as a result, you may be charged for an item you don’t want!

You may also need Returns Bags from Avon too, of which you insert your product and stick your label to, in order to pass your returns items on to your Parcelforce Driver, so he can deliver them to his depot and then onto Avon Cosmetics Head Office.

Using the Parcelforce Returns Label Code

Using The Parcelforce Returns Label Code
Using The Parcelforce Returns Label Code

As mentioned before, you can order the Parcelforce Returns Labels by using the code, 91454 of which you enter into your Representative Area when ordering your campaign order and you will receive the labels with your next order, allowing you to keep a hold of them for future returns.

Processing A Parcelforce Returns Label Code

The Avon Returns Process is for an entire blog post in regards to processing how to return a product but the process is very simple;

  1. Log Into Your Avon Account
  2. Click On MY ORDERS, then click CREDITS or REPLACEMENTS
  3. Click on the invoice that the items are being returned from
  4. Complete the boxes with the Quantity and Reason Code
  5. Click on SAVE CREDITS – then Continue
  6. Make a note of the value of the items being returned (Total Credits) and deduct this from the amount you are paying to Avon.
  7. Submit To Avon

You can follow the process above to return a product to Avon using the Parcelforce Returns Label Code as displayed above, meaning that you can process those products from customers, deducting the amount from your owing amount to Avon!

Why should you process a Parcelforce Returns Label Code?

Why Should You Process A Parcelforce Returns Label Code?
Why Should You Process A Parcelforce Returns Label Code?

If you have a product or order that a customer has returned to you for a specific reason or the product has arrived to you damaged, you need to credit this item and return it to Avon so that you aren’t charged for it. By crediting the item, Avon will accept the item as a return and therefore, you won’t have to cover the cost of the item.

However, if you don’t return the item back to Avon and they don’t get the item, you will still be charged for it by Avon and therefore, you will be liable to cover the cost of the item, meaning that you will have to pay for an item that you don’t want.

You can return a product to Avon for a variety of reasons such as the product being damaged, the product being the incorrect varient or colour and much more, it just depends on what the initial issue is with the product and why your customrer has returned it to you.

However, regardless of the reason, you still need the Parcelforce Returns Label Code to process the returns with Avon and pass it onto your Parcelforce Delivery Driver.

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