Michelle Kirkbride

Find out more about Michelle Kirkbride and how she has grown her avon team to be one of the biggest within the United Kingdom!

Michelle Kirkbride

Independent Avon Sales Leader, Michelle Kirkbride is at the controls of the UK’s Largest Avon Business! Achieving over £4.8 Million Pounds worth of sales in 2018 with over 4000 representatives, Michelle and her partner Dennis are something of Avon Giants! They have both worked endlessly over the last 8 years to build their Avon Business and now, in 2020 both Michelle and Dennis are known across the United Kingdom for their work with Avon!

Michelle Kirkbride Avon
Michelle Krikbrirde With Partner Dennis Greaves & Head Of Sales, Avon UK

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Is growing your avon business to michelle's size just luck?

Being part of Avon and having your own Avon Business is not even close to being Luck related! It just requires hard work and effort and that is exactly what Michelle did, twice! She had an Avon Team in 2004-2008 but left Avon to try something else before returning to Avon and starting all over again from a fresh slate! If anything, her journey and her efforts growing 2 Avon Teams just proves that effort is all you need to be part of Avon!

What if you joined at the right time when you did Avon before … or what if you were just lucky! Do you really believe you can do it all over again? Actually, I am now grateful for the fact that I’ve made Avon work for me twice just so I can say I have proven both of these points … anyone can join Avon at any time and make it work for them, you don’t just get lucky!”

Anybody can work with Avon and achieve a great team size! All you have to do is try!

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Should you choose Avon like michelle?

With Avon being a National and Global Giant, selling Avon has never been easier! You can sell Avon through brochures or even through your Online Store and you really can earn money from home selling Avon as a representative! Also the Joining Process to Join Avon is one of the easiest processes for any business and you can be at the forefront of your own Avon Business in just seconds!

Being an Avon Representative also opens up a lot of benefits! From personal discount on personal purchases to 20-25% commission on your sales every 3 weeks, Avon provides a fantastic opportunity!

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And that’s not all! Working with Avon has unlimited earning potential! Meaning that you could grow your Avon Business and earn thousands every campaign! All while working from home and living a flexible lifestyle!

Avon is perfect for people who already work full-time, for mums who have the school run and more! And when becoming a Beauty Boss and part of our team, you can access exclusive content that we have created specially for our representatives!

What are you waiting for? Start your Avon Journey just like Michelle Kirkbride did and start selling today!

Michelle Kirkbride Avon

You can Sell Avon all over the United Kingdom meaning that your target market is everyone! You can sell Locally through your brochures or Online through your Online Store! This makes selling Avon and making use of the Uncapped Earning even easier! You could grow your Avon Business in just a couple of campaigns!

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Massive avon team, massive connections!

Michelle Kirkbride has an Avon Team of over 4000 representatives and sales leaders, amounting to well over £4,000,000 worth of sales each year and with that massive team comes massive connections! Each of Michelle’s Sales Leaders have representatives or even other sales leaders under them, meaning that Michelle has an influence to thousands of people!

That is exactly what we do here at Beauty Bosses UK! Our Sales Leaders and team work with you as representatives to ensure that you are reaching your earning potential each campaign and that you are earning as much commission as possible every 3 weeks! From exclusive resources in our Facebook Group to our extensive training units and more, we work with you as representatives to ensure that you are in the best possible position!

But that is not all! Here at Beauty Bosses UK, we have a network of representatives and others in our Facebook Group, giving you a platform to discuss ideas, ask questions, get advice and much more! We are constantly expanding our network and connections to ensure that we have the resources and platforms in place so that you can have an Avon Team like Michelle!

Beauty Bosses UK

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