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Whether you are an Avon Representative or a customer of an Avon Representative, you may need to contact Avon during your time as a representative or customer. While this is often something that you can just google or ask a friend about, this post includes everything that you need to know about Contacting Avon from the right phone numbers to the email addresses that you can use to get in contact.

How you Contact Avon is dependent on what you want to contact Avon for. If you are an Avon Representative or Sales Leader, you will contact Avon through your dedicated phone lines, if you are a customer, you will call Avon through the dedicated customer support line or even through Live Chat.

Contacting Avon

  • Customer Service Number – 0333 234 5678
  • Representative Support Number – 0333 234 5000
  • Sales Leader Support Number – 0333 234 4000
  • Avon Online Chat (Representatives & Sales Leaders Only!) – Online Chat
  • Avon Contact Email –
  • Contact Via Mail/Post – Sales Service Centre, Avon Cosmetics Limited, Earlstrees Road, Corby, Northamptionshire, NN17 4AZ
  • Avon Contact Form –

Contacting Your Upline as a representative

If you are with Avon as a Representative or Sales Leader, you will have an Upline. This is the person who recruited you usually. You can contract your Upline if you have any questions or issues in relation to your Avon Business and they will support you as best they can. A lot of Sales Leaders operate with representatives through platforms such as Facebook but if you happen to not use Social Media and require support, you can contact Avon as a Representative on their Representative Support Number – 0333 234 5000

If you don’t know who you upline is or you are having trouble finding their information, you can contact Avon through their Representative Number or ask another Avon Representative. If you have any questions and you need help, you can contact us through our Contact Form and we will help you with any issues that you might have, even if you aren’t apart of our team!

When/If you become a Sales Leader, your representatives will turn to you to ask questions and receive support. If you don’t know the answer of a question asked or you need support yourself, your Upline is a great way to find the correct information out. If you don’t know who your Upline is, you can contact Avon through their Sales Leader line – 0333 234 4000

Contacting your Avon Representative as a customer

Millions of people shop with Avon each campaign. This is done either through Brochures which are posted through doors or through Avon’s online store system. However, as a Customer, you may want to contact your Representative to discuss more about ordering or to return an item. You can usually find your Representatives information on your order form which is located within each brochure but if that information happens to be missing, you have a couple of options.

You can wait for your representative to collect your next brochure and ask for their contact information. A lot of representatives will be more than happy to give out their phone number and they usually write it on the top left of every order form. If this doesn’t work, you can contact Avon as a customer either through their Customer Support Number, via Email, via Post or via the Contact Form. A member of the Avon Team will be in touch to discuss more about your issue and they will help you to resolve any issues you may have.

If you have purchased through an Avon Online Store that is a representative store and you have an issue, you need to contact Avon directly. While the store is setup for a representative, all store sales and issues are managed by Avon directly and representatives provide no support for store issues!

Joining Avon is easy too!

You can join Avon and be a representative behind your very own Avon Business in just a few minutes! We have our application form here which you can fill out with your basic information for our team to process and sign you up!

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch and join Avon today!

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