How Can You Use For Avon? Avon
How Can You Use For Avon?

When selling Avon Products, either through Social Media Posts or Through Messaging, you will find that you share a lot of links between people and those links can be quite lengthy and a lot to remember. However, you can shorten those same links and make them a lot easier to monitor and remember, allowing you to share more links and generate more sales, easily! It’s done by using for Avon and using it for your Avon Business!

Whether you share Product Links or the Digital Brochure, you will find yourself sharing a lot of links amongst different people, and remembering those links is difficult, however, you can shorten those links and make them much easier to monitor and remember!

You can shorten your links through and make them even easier to remember! Alongside that, you can track clicks, share the same link, and monitor the analytics through your Dashboard! Find out more below!

How can you use for Avon?

How Can You Use For Avon?
How Can You Use For Avon?

Both Store & Brochure Links are long. Like very long and remembering these links without noting them down or without finding them every time you need them can be difficult. They are often a mix of letters and numbers with a few words in between, however what if you could shorten those links, and change them to something more memorable?

That’s where comes into your Avon Business! is a URL shortening platform that is a bit different to anything else. allows you to shorten any link into something more memorable, using the prefix. So you could name the Digital Brochure something such as and you could remember that!

Alongside being able to create custom, shortened links, you can track your Link Clicks and monitor the results through the Dashboard which is great for seeing how many people have clicked through and how they have accessed your linked page!

And the best bit?

It’s FREE to use, meaning you can use it to generate sales and build your Avon Business online!

Using For Avon

Using For Avon
Using For Avon

Using For Avon can help you to track and generate more sales through Shortener, Custom URL’s which can allow for more conversions and more clicks.

Alongside that, you can also Track your Clicks through your Dashboard, meaning that you can see who is clicking your links, where they are clicking from and much more!

But how can you use directly for Avon? How can it be used to benefit your Avon Business and help you to expand what you have to offer as a Business?

It’s simple. Regardless of whether you are promoting Products or you are Recruiting, can help you to use One Link for everything. Alongside that, you can setup several of the same link, but different URL’s to track clicks from certain places!

Using For Avon To Sell

The most common way to use For Avon is to Sell Avon Products. This is where you can use the Full Range of Tools such as the Link & Click Tracking to grow and expand your Avon Business.

Alongside tracking clicks and shortening your store link, you can use to create Product Links that work properly.

As a lot of Online Representatives know, when you link to a product from your Avon Store, it glitches and the order doesn’t go to you as Avon doesn’t display your store.

This means that when you link to Products Directly, you are losing sales, not gaining them. However, you can use to link to your products and keep the sale! This is a method that we have been using for a while and one that works well!

You can gain sales and link directly to products within your Social Media posts!

Using For Avon To Recruit

Alongside selling Avon, you may be apart of the Avon Leadership Team and therefore you need to Recruit people to your Avon Team to sell Avon and generate you income as a Sales Leader.

Again, you can use For Avon to Recruit as you an shorten your PRP link and share it around, tracking your advertisements to see what is working and what isn’t working.

This is great for your Avon Sales Leader Business as you can really work on your Business and see what is working and what isn’t! If you find that your Link that you have shared on Facebook isn’t working, stop sharing!

You can really fine-tune your Business and your Approaching, meaning you can focus on what matters and save time on what doesn’t!

Using For Avon to Grow Your Business

URL Shortening
Using For Avon To Grow Your Business

So, whether you are Selling Avon or Recruiting for Avon, you can use For Avon to start growing your business and working on the areas that do work, and stop working on the areas that don’t!

Building an Avon Business can be difficult, however it doesn’t have to be! Tools such as can help you to promote your Store, PRP Link and much more!

Start shortening URL’s and see how much of a different For Avon can make!

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