How Can You Treat Your Customers At Christmas?

How Can You Treat Your Customers At Christmas?
How Can You Treat Your Customers At Christmas?

Throughout the year, you sell thousands of Avon Products to Avon Customers either online or within your Local Area. As part of that sale process, you will find yourself selling products to regular customers on a regular basis. These customers become a part of your Avon Business and they will stay with you for the best part of your Journey. That’s why it’s important to make your Avon Customers feel special, and like they mean a lot at times such as Christmas! You should treat your customers at Christmas to make your customers feel special and important!

Your Customers are what makes your Avon Business possible and you should try to treat your customers when possible, such as Christmas! You can treat your customers to ensure that they feel appreciated!

If you want to Treat Your Customers At Christmas, you don’t have to spend a lot of money or invest all of your Avon Earnings, you can give treat your customers at christmas without having to break the bank! Find out more in this blog post about treating your Avon Customers!

How can you treat your customers at Christmas?

How Can You Treat Your Customers At Christmas?
How Can You Treat Your Customers At Christmas?

Rewarding and treating your Customers is what will ensure that your Customers stay loyal to your Avon Business and order on a regular basis. It’s something that a lot of Representatives do and something that can ensure future sales and a future with Avon as a Business!

But what should you treat them with? What should you give as a treat, present at christmas? This is something that is entirely dependent on you and what you want to give, however you can do it without any extra cost, if done right!

Using Free Avon Products As Treats For Your Customers At Christmas!

This is a great way to reward and treat your Avon Customers as you can do it without any extra cost! Over the year or year of campaigns, you will collect spare and extra products either through extra products in deliveries, freebies from Avon for hitting specific levels and more.

However, you can use these same products to treat your customers at christmas! This will allow you to share Avon Products with your Customers, for free, while it doesn’t cost you at the same time, meaning free treats and rewards!

Give your customers treats at christmas without any extra cost for your Avon Business, meaning that you can earn as a result!

Treat your Customers at christmas without purchasing avon products!

While treating your customers for being Avon Customers is the idea at Christmas, you don’t have to treat your customers with Avon Products, you can treat your customers at christmas without having to use Avon Products!

You can reward and treat your customers at christmas with other Christmas Gifts such as Chocolate, Biscuits etc, the gift doesn’t have to be anything specific, just as long as it’s a gift from your Avon Business to your Customers!

You can find multiple of the same item on platforms such as Ebay or even Facebook Marketplace, allowing you to save cost but treat your customers at christmas!

Treat your customers at christmas using freebies!

Whether you use Avon Freebies or you find Freebies of other products, you can reward and treat your customers at christmas without any further cost, allowing you to benefit and earn from your Christmas Treats!

You can find freebies online and if you collect enough, you could use them to treat your customers at christmas, meaning that you can treat them, to encourage more sales and shopping with you as a Representative, while profiting 100%!

Why should you treat your customers at Christmas?

Why should you treat your customers at Christmas?
Why Should You Treat Your Customers At Christmas?

The answer is simple. When you get an email or something at Christmas from another giant brand, it makes you feel appreciated, and wanted by said brand. This is no different.

Treating your Customers will allow you to show your appreciation towards your Customers for their continued purchases! Now you should only treat and reward customers that have ordered from you on a regular basis as rewarding every single customer, even those that have ordered only once, would require hours and a lot more money from your Avon Business.

However, rewarding your regular customers will help to ensure that they remain regular customers with you in the following year and following Avon Campaigns!

With your Customers that have only ordered once, you could send them an email or message wishing them a Merry Christmas, but going to expense with rewards can be something of a task!

Treat Your Customers At Christmas FAQ

Should You Treat Your Avon Customers?

Absolutely, especially at Christmas as this will allow your Customers to feel appreciated and looked after by Avon as a brand, meaning that they are more likely to stay with you as a customer through the following year!

Is Christmas The Best Time?

Of course, Christmas is a special time regardless and if you can show your appreciation through your gifting season, you can expect to see your customers next year?

Should You Treat Your Regular Customers?

Absolutely. Regular Customers are what keeps your Avon Business going and being able to treat will ensure that your customers continue shopping with you in the future!

Does Treating Your Customers Have To Cost?

Absolutely not. Over the year of Avon and Campaigns, you will collect a range of Free Avon Products through Extra Orders, Hitting Levels and much more, you can use those products!

Can Treating Your Customers Help Your Business?

Yes! Treating Your Customers can help you to expand on your current customer base through Word Of Mouth, Social Media Posts from your Rewarded Customers and much more!

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