Heather Hamilton

Find out more about Heather, one of our sales leaders here at Beauty Bosses UK and more about what she does for our team!

Heather Hamilton - Avon Sales LEader

Heather Hamilton is one of the Sales Leaders here at Beauty Bosses UK. Heather works around the clock, boosting personal sales and day to day running of her own Avon Sales to help increase the total income per campaign as a team! You may not see Heather often across the Beauty Bosses UK team but she is working hard to ensure that the sales stay up and that the wheels are turning!

From HEather herself!

“I joined Avon 2 years ago after I had been apart of Oriflame. I moved to Avon as I was looking for a better opportunity and a better way to earn income from home and Avon allows exactly that. I work with my daughter Sami to sell thousands of pounds of Avon Products every campaign and to help provide the Work From Home dream to many members of our team across the United Kingdom.”

Want to join avon and be like Heather?

Join Avon Today through our online form and heather will be in touch to discuss more about the Avon opportunity and how you can start selling avon yourself in just minutes!