Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answers you need to commonly asked questions to get started on your Avon Journey!

Frequently Asked Questions

With Questions being asked every day, we have added all of the most commonly asked questions to this page, so that you can find the answers you need in regards to joining Avon and becoming a Representative!

An Avon Representative sells Avon Products on behalf of Avon in return for a Percentage Commission of 20-25%! This means if you do £100 of sales, you will earn £20-£25 each campaign!

An Avon Sales Leader carries out the same day to day role of a Representative, selling Avon Products on behalf of Avon however, you also grow and manage a team of your own too! This means your earning potential doubles and you can work on scaling and growing your Avon Business!

Absolutely not! A lot of our representatives don’t drive and sell Avon around their Local Area and online. You can drive if you wish and grow your Avon in other areas but if you don’t drive, you can do just as well in your Local Area and Online!

You can sell Avon Products a variety of ways such as through Brochures and Door To Door, Through your Online Store and even through the Online Brochure.

You are free to sell Avon Products across the United Kingdom however you want!

Absolutely! Here at Beauty Bosses UK, we have our exclusive Facebook Group that is open to our representatives and sales leaders so that they can ask questions and ask for support whenever they need it!

As long as your aged 18 or over and that you haven’t been with Avon recently, you can join Avon! The joining process isn’t even an application form, it’s just so that our team can collect the right information to process your Avon joining process!

You can apply to join our Avon Team here!

When joining Avon, you start as an Avon Representative. You sell Avon Products in return for commission. This is where everybody starts and after your first campaign, you are free to move towards sales leadership or just carry on selling!