Do Avon Ladies Still Exist?

Do Avon Ladies still exist?
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Do Avon Ladies still exist? This is something that Avon Representatives see every day and something that a lot of people are still very confused about. A lot of areas across the United Kingdom have a Local Avon Representative, however, some don’t. This means that those people don’t see an Avon Brochure or an Avon Representative on a regular basis, therefore asking if Avon Ladies still exist.

While Avon Representatives aren’t all just women, Avon Ladies do still exist. The way that Avon is sold has changed over the last couple of years but the majority of representatives still canvas locally and post brochures to their local community. If you don’t see an Avon Representative, you can still shop online with Avon!

Buying over your Doorstep

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In a lot of places across the United Kingdom, an Avon Representative posts brochures and sells Avon door to door. This is the most common way of selling Avon and a lot of people regularly buy from an Avon Representative. While you can sell Avon as a Representative across the United Kingdom, a lot of people still sell Avon in their Local Area and some areas even have multiple representatives.

Avon Ladies or Representatives receive a commission for selling Avon to customers and a lot of Representatives have regular customers that order every campaign. If you don’t see an Avon Brochure though, you can either purchase Avon online or even Join Avon as a representative and sell Avon yourself. You even get personal discounts on your own purchases.

Buying Avon Online

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While Avon is typically sold locally through brochures, you can also purchase Avon online through a Representative’s Online Store and still access the same products and deals that you would see in a brochure. This is for those people who might not see a brochure or those that work long hours and don’t get time to sit with a brochure but have the time to flick through an online store or a brochure online.

Online Avon Store

You can purchase Avon through a Representative’s Online Store. Each Avon Representative has an Online Store where the same products are shown as in the brochure, however they are delivered directly to your address by Avon. This means that you can still get the same great products that you order through a brochure or that you would like to order, without having to see a Representative!

While you can order online, Avon deliver your order via courier such as Hermes. This means that your order is delivered directly to your door however, delivery charges will incur!

Online Brochure

While you can order online through an Online Store, you can also order online through the Online Brochure. This is the same brochure that is posted locally by Avon Representatives, but online! The ordering process is still the same as it usually is with you placing your order and having it delivered by a representative, but you can place your order by sending a message or making a call to your Local Representative.

Representatives usually share the current online brochure through Social Media platforms such as Facebook so find a representative in your area and just ask for the online brochure or to even get a brochure posted to your home address!

Becoming An Avon Lady

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While you can purchase Avon through a Representative or online, you can also sell Avon too. A lot of areas across the United Kingdom don’t have an Avon Representative and the chances are, if you aren’t seeing an Avon Brochure on a regular basis, you don’t have an Avon Representative either! However, you can become an Avon Representative and start selling Avon in just a few minutes!

By being an Avon Representative, you can access Personal Discounts, the flexibility to earn extra income and more! We also work closely with you to build your Avon Business to make sure that you can earn your maximum!

To apply to Join Avon, click here and apply to join and a member of our team will be in touch to discuss more!

Joining Avon is easy too!

You can join Avon and be a representative behind your very own Avon Business in just a few minutes! We have our application form here which you can fill out with your basic information for our team to process and sign you up!

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch and join Avon today!

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