Find out more about how we are working with our Representatives & Avon to continue offering the same great products as normal.

Coronavirus Pandemic

The Coronavirus Pandemic has entered 2021, meaning that Non-Essential Businesses across the country are now having to close. As a result, people aren’t able to trade as they usually would and you may find that your favorite shops are closed for a period of time.

As a result, being able to purchase what people may believe is essential such as Makeup, Clothing etc, may be difficult. Avon Customers & Representatives across the country are confused as to what this means and what they can do too.

Is Avon Operating As Normal Throughout The Pandemic?

As the United Kingdom has entered another Lockdown, starting in January, knowing if Avon is operating as normal is important. Both Customers & Representatives are confused as to what they should expect from Avon Cosmetics.

We can confirm that Avon Cosmetics is operating as normal throughout the 2021 Lockdown. This means the following;

  • Brochures Are Being Printed
  • Orders Are Being Delivered
  • Representatives Are Still Working
  • You Can Still Order As Normal

This means that regardless of whether you are an Avon Customer or an Avon Representative, you can continue to shop with Avon as you normally would. Whether this be through a Representative, Through The Digital Brochure or Through An Online Store.

If you have any problems, you can also still contact Avon as you normally would. Their teams are working from home, meaning that you can still receive the same support as you normally would.

What Does This Mean Moving Forwards?

Moving Forward, you can purchase from Avon as you normally would. Whether this be from a Representative or Online, you can still purchase and order products from Avon. They will still be delivered as normal too.

However, some things may change as Representatives adapt to different solutions in order to continue working. But you will be informed about this by your Representative as you continue to order and receive products from Avon Cosmetics.

We are also speaking to Avon regularly to keep up to date with any changes such as Stock Shortages, Brochures etc. Any major information will be published here.

Published: 6th January 2021