Find out more about how we are working with our Representatives & Avon to continue offering the same great products as normal.

Coronavirus Pandemic

Currently, the Coronavirus Pandemic is taking the world by storm, closing businesses and restricting households from being able to leave their homes to do normal, daily activities such as working, hobbies etc.

With a lot of our customers across Representatives asking the same questions about us being open and asking if we are still delivering as normal, this is our Coronavirus Update page. As we work closely with Avon Head Office, we will be delivering information as soon as possible.

Are Representatives delivering as normal?

As of 24/03/2020, Representatives are free to choose whether they deliver orders or not. While some of our representatives are delivering orders as normal, some of our representatives have taken the decision of closing their Avon Business until further notice.

The majority of our Representatives are still operating as normal and this is great for customers as they can still order as normal. However, with some representatives closing their Avon Businesses, this means that they won’t be making deliveries or collecting books. If this is the case, then you have other options of ordering from us in the mean time.

If you want to order from Avon but your representative has closed their business, you can order from our online store. Avon will fur-fill your delivery via contactless courier and your order will be with you in a couple of days.

If you have ordered from your representative previously but you want to make a return and your representative has closed, get in touch with Beauty Bosses UK via our Facebook Page and we will work with you to process your returns.

So what will happen moving forward?

Moving Forward, we will be working closely with Avon UK to ensure that we can keep functioning as normal as possible through this tough period. We will be casting updates to our customers and representatives as we find out more.

In this tough period, if you find yourself out of work and needing money, apply to Join our Avon Team by clicking here and let the sales leader know your situation and that you have seen the coronavirus page and we will work with you to ensure that you can achieve sales with Avon.

Thank you for understanding.