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Data Collection is all dependent on the user in question. For our general website visitors, we hold information such as IP Address and the Device Type of which the visitor accessed our website. This is for 2 specific reasons. We monitor the IP Address for any website misuse or attacks upon our website. If it is found that a specific IP Address is responsible for certain attacks or breaches, then we will forward such information to the correct authorities. We monitor the Device Type of our visitors to allow us to see what devices are used more and therefore create content and pages that are suited to that popular device.

For people joining our team, all of the information that is sent through the Contact Form on the Join Avon Page is saved and entered into the Avon System. This is needed to complete your application into Avon and Avon is responsible for their own data holding protocols. We have your data for 24-48 maximum before it is fully disregarded from our systems. You can find out more about Avon’s Data Information by going to

As long as you are over the age of 18 and that you aren’t in debt with Avon from a previous position, you can join!

You can fill out the form on the Join Avon page to get in touch with a Sales Leader to complete your application and our team will complete your Application and get you on your way with running your very own Avon Business!

Due to representatives joining our Team to build debt and then leave, Avon do have checks in place such as Recent Address Checks and more so don’t be shocked if our Sales Leader asks for another previous address, it just means that your most recent address hasn’t gone through!

If you have an issue with our business or something we have published, you can get in contact with our team using the Contact Form above. Just make sure the subject says “Issue” or “Complaint”. Our team will always work to resolve any issues that you might have and we work efficiently to make sure that issues do not happen!

When purchasing Avon Products through our Online Store which you can find linked across our website, you are purchasing through our Affiliate Store. This means that we still receive order information and commission just like we would if you ordered out of a book!

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