Can men join avon?

Find out more about Men joining Avon and why Avon is absolutely for men!

Men in avon? Really?

While Avon is branded as the company for Women, Avon is still open to Men too! Selling Makeup and other beauty products might seem like the Female Market but some of the Men within Avon have created teams and businesses double or triple the size of some female representatives!

The days of only Women being aloud to sell Makeup and Beauty Products is long gone, selling Avon as a man is more than acceptable and more than normal too!

Avon is open to everyone across the United Kingdom, so get selling and earning today!

What do you do as a man in Avon?

Within Avon, you start off as an Avon Representative, selling Avon Products either online or within your Local Area in return for a percentage of the sale in Commission! This commission percentage is 20-25% of your total sale amount, meaning if you sell £100 of Avon, you could earn £20-£25 from that £100 of sales!

Alongside that, you can progress through the levels to become an Avon Sales Leader, meaning that you can manage a team of your own, earning commission on their sales too!

But where do you work?

All Avon Representatives & Sales Leaders work from home! This is why Avon is so flexible, because you work from home, you are free to work the hours you want, meaning Avon works great around other commitments such as the School Run or another Full Time Job!

If you manage to build up your online sales through your online store, you can work from anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection!

How do you get started?

To get started with Avon, you have to apply to Join through our Join Form and a member of our team will be in touch to discuss more about your information and application!

Click here to apply to join our Avon Team today!