Can I Order From Avon Online?

Can I Order From Avon Online?
Image: Avon’s Online Store (Samantha Hamilton)

When it comes to selling Avon Cosmetics, the ways that representatives can sell products has changed over the last couple of years and a lot of customers are still in the dark about how to purchase Avon. Of course, our representatives still post brochures around their Local Area, however, a lot of areas across the United Kingdom are still missing out on seeing an Avon Brochure and a lot of people think that you need to see a brochure to be able to buy Avon! However, this really isn’t the case! You can purchase Avon online through representative’s online stores! This is a question that we see often – “Can I Order From Avon Online”!

does ordering Avon through an online store work the same as seeing a brochure?

In essence, yes it works very much the same. You can order the same products that you see within a brochure and they will still turn up to your doorstep, just like they would through a representative. However, Avon manages all online store orders and deliveries meaning that your products will be delivered to your door, just like they would if you ordered from Amazon or eBay! Also, you don’t need to worry! Our representatives have a store of their own which includes identical products across representatives within Avon and they still see the same commission, it’s just another way to shop with Avon!

So how do you shop Avon online?

Shopping Avon Online is easy! With each representative having their very own online store, you can still choose your representative to shop with and you can still purchase the same products. Our representatives post their store links onto their Social Media so that people can find them. If you want to purchase Avon Online and need a store, Click Here to start shopping!

What does this mean as a representative?

As a Representative of Avon, this means that you have even more platforms to sell your Avon Products from! While brochures usually mean regular campaign customers, promoting your online store through platforms such as Facebook can help you to secure some extra sales each campaign, meaning more earning potential! The online stores also mean that as a representative, you really can Work From Home!

3 for 2 Make-Up Offer – Avon Online Store

Can you access the same offers and sales?

Of course! The online stores are updated with new products every time they are released and with that, so are the offers and sales! This means that offers such as the 5 for £5 deal is made available to every Avon Customer, no matter how you purchase!

So yes, you can order from Avon online and still see the same fantastic products and deals that you would in a brochure! If you want to visit our online store, click here!

How can you sell Avon through your own online store?

If you want to join Avon and join our team, then you are more than welcome! You can find the Form to join here where you can submit your details and wait for one of our Leaders to be in touch about joining!

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