Welcome To Campaign 14 2020!

Avon Campaign 14 2020
Avon Campaign 14 2020

As we enter October, we enter into Campaign 14 2020 with Avon, which means more new products, new offers and even more new Christmas Products on offer across the Campaign 14 2020 Brochure! Whether you are a Representative or even a Customer, Campaign 14 2020 is the Campaign and Brochure for October, of which you can order and sell the latest products and offers from!

As a Customer or even a Representative, Campaign 14 2020 has a lot to offer with New Products, Offers, Opportunities and much more! Find out more about what this Campaign has to offer within this Blog Post!

Campaign 14 has a range of products and offers, allowing customers to find bargain products at bargain prices! You can find out more about what the campaign means for both Customers & Representatives along with what you can expect to see within the brochure!

Join Avon For £5 Until 31st October

The Join Avon For £5 offer has been extended until the 31st of October 2020, meaning that you can Join Avon and take advantage of the Avon Opportunity for just £5!

This has been extended to give everybody a chance with Avon, meaning that you can give Avon a try and see what you think for the lower price of £5 instead of the higher price of £15!

Take a look at the Join Avon For £5 offer on our Join Avon page today!

Release Of Avon Grow App In Campaign 14 2020!

Avon has officially released their Avon Grow Application within Campaign 14 2020 meaning that you can start to recruit and process new leads as a Sales Leader through your Mobile Device or Tablet, allowing for the growth of your Avon Business on the move.

This has been recently created and published by the Avon Team and it allows you to work on your Avon Business from anywhere, any time!

You can download the Avon Grow Application on both Android & Apple from the following links;

Apple: https://apps.apple.com/tr/app/avon-grow/id1481450397
Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=uk.co.avon.mra&hl=en

Unlimited Representative Free Deliveries In Campaign 14 2020!

That’s right, Avon has also extended the Free Deliveries on offer for Representatives throughout Campaign 14, meaning that you can order from Avon and as long as you have spent £30 or more within your order, it will be delivered for Free!

This means that you can promote your products even more, without having to reach any Delivery Limits or Caps throughout the whole of Campaign 14 with Avon!

Start selling those products today reps!

Earn From Your First £1 Throughout Campaign 14 2020!

As always, you can earn from your first £1 with Avon throughout Campaign 14 and while this hasn’t changed, it’s important that Representatives know that they can earn from the sale of one shower gel or one hand wash within Campaign 14!

So it’s worth selling or even promoting the cheaper products with Avon as you can earn after just one sale!

Want to give Avon a try?

You can Join Avon in just a couple of minutes by filling in our application form. The form only requires your basic information so that Avon can complete any necessary checks and complete your sign up!

Want to join one of our Sales Leaders? Click here to Join Avon with our Sales Leaders!

Once you have applied, a member of our team will be in touch to discuss the position and to process your application! Then that’s it, you will be apart of our Avon Team and on your way to success!

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