Welcome To Campaign 13 2020!

Avon Campaign 13 2020
Avon Campaign 13 2020

As we enter September, we enter into Campaign 13 2020 with Avon, which means a load of new products, new opportunities and even more new offers on products across the Avon Range! Whether you are a Customer or a Representative, Campaign 13 2020 is the Campaign for September, meaning more products and offers ready for Christmas!

Whether you are an Avon Customer or an Avon Representative, Campaign 13 2020 has a lot to offer with new Products, Offers, Recruitment Opportunities and much more! Find out more about this Campaign within this Blog Post!

Campaign 13 has a lot to offer and a lot to cover within this Blog Post too, from the Products on Offer and the Recruitment Opportunity for this Campaign! Let’s get into what’s on offer within Campaign 13 2020 and what you can expect this month from Avon!

Campaign 13 2020 For Avon Representatives

Campaign 13 2020 For Representatives
Campaign 13 2020 For Representatives

While Campaign 13 2020 has a lot to offer for everybody, regardless of your position with Avon such as being a Representative, Avon has worked to ensure that they have as much as possible on offer for the new Campaign through September! Below, you can find out everything that’s on offer with Avon throughout Campaign 13 2020!

Unlimited Free Delivery On Orders Over £30 through Campaign 13 2020!

Throughout the whole of Campaign 13 and September, it’s Unlimited Free Delivery on orders over £30! This means that as long as you spend over £30 on your order with Avon Cosmetics as a Representative, you can have it delivered for FREE!

So get posting brochures and start placing several orders to ensure that your Income is as high as possible throughout Campaign 13!

Let’s get selling!

Free Delivery Over £20 On Online Store & Digital Brochure Orders!

Much like when you order through your Representative Area, Delivery is FREE on orders over £20 through your Online Store & Digital Brochure meaning that your Customers can order without having to pay extra, as long as they have spent £20!

So get promoting and start collecting orders through your Online Store & Digital Brochure online and start building your income & sales!

Stock Is Synced Between Online Stores & Representative Areas!

Stock has been Synced between Online Stores & Representative Areas. This means that if it’s in stock on your Online Store, it’s in stock within your Representative Area, meaning more stock for Representatives and Customers!

Whether you are placing orders or your customers are ordering through your Online Store, if it’s showing as in stock on one, it’s in stock on both, meaning that you can sell even more to your customers, both Online & Offline!

Campaign 13 2020, Avon’s Weekly Training Calls Are Easier To Join!

Avon’s Weekly Training Calls have become even easier to Join as Avon are now emailing out links to join these Training Calls, meaning that you can Join the call through a couple of clicks!

And if your Emails and Clicks aren’t working, you can get a copy of all Avon Emails within your Representative Area!

So start joining the Avon Training Calls and start building your Avon Business through expert, Avon advice!

8,500 Reps & Leaders Have Registered For Avon’s Virtual Conference!

8,500 Reps & Leaders have now registered for Avon’s Virtual Conference, meaning that they are listening and working to better their Business through expert advice, allowing them to build and grow their income and business!

There is still room though, so if you haven’t joined the Virtual Avon Conference, you need to! Look out for the emails in the next few days to find out more about signing up!

Make-Up Artist Lisa Armstrong On Day 2 of the Virtual avon conference!

On Day 2 of the Virtual Avon Conference, Make-up Artist, Lisa Armstrong will be presenting her new Make-up Range along with some expert Advice on how you should be selling Avon and building your Avon Business both Online & Offline!

So if you want to see Lisa Armstrong and find out more about her New Make-up Range, make sure that you sign up to the Virtual Avon Conference!

New Weekly Promo Pics Via Avon ON In Campaign 13 2020!

Avon are releasing Weekly Promotional Pictures via the Avon ON App, meaning that you can regularly find new content and material through the app to promote products, offers and much more!

Keep checking the Avon ON App for new content and the latest offers to start building your Avon Business and start selling online!

Earn 20% from the first product you sell and 25% once you hit £250 in sales!

Throughout Campaign 13 2020, you can earn 20% Commission from the First Product you sell and 25% Commission once you hit £250 in sales, allowing for you to really work and boost your income this campaign!

Paired with the Avon ON Content, you can really push online this campaign and generate some online sales throughout this month, so start posting!

Campaign 13 2020 For Avon Customers

Campaign 13 2020 For Avon Customers
Campaign 13 2020 For Avon Customers

Campaign 13 2020 is the Campaign for September and it’s full of little extras and bonuses for both Representatives & Customers! As shown above, Avon has included a range of extras for Representatives, but they have included extras for Customers too!

Find out more below about what Avon has to offer throughout Campaign 13 2020 and how they are helping customers to shop with Avon!

Launch Of The Power Stay Lipstick With Avon!

Campaign 13 with Avon shows the launch of the Power Stay Lipstick with Avon, which is their new flagship product that lasts 3 times longer while still feeling lightweight on your lips!

You should see an Email and Text Message in regards to this new product with information as to what it is and the images!

Free Delivery On Orders over £20 through online store and Digital Brochure!

When ordering through any Online Stores or Digital Brochures, as long as you spend over £20, your delivery is FREE! This means that you can purchase as many Avon Products as you want and as long as it’s over £20, you won’t have to pay any more for Delivery!

So click onto an Online Store or Digital Brochure and start placing an order with Avon today and as long as it’s over £20, it’s FREE DELIVERY!

More stock meaning more to order and purchase!

Avon has synced both Online Store & Representative Area Stock meaning that if it’s in stock on the Online Store, it’s in stock for your Representative too so you can order either online or through a Representative and you can still receive your products and order!

So regardless of where or how you order, you can still purchase your Favourite Avon Products and have them delivered!

Let’s Get Started with Campaign 13 2020!

Whether you are a Customer or Representative, Campaign 13 2020 has a lot to offer in terms of Offers, Products and much more, so get started with Campaign 13 2020 and start Buying & Selling Avon!

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