Become a Sales Leader

Find out more about becoming a Sales Leader with Avon and what the position entails within Beauty Bosses UK!

What is an Avon Sales Leader?

While an Avon Representative sells Avon Products to earn commission, an Avon Sales Leader manages a team of Representatives. Sales Leaders work with Representatives to help them achieve more sales in return for commission on their teams sales too!

We work closely with Sales Leaders to help them to still keep on top of their personal sales while ensuring that they know how to recruit to expand their team and how to manage their teams sales efficiently! Being a Sales Leader is often what takes Avon from a Part-Time Job to a Business!

So, how do you sign up as a Sales Leader?

Joining Avon as a Sales Leader starts with being an Avon Representative. You work with us for a couple of campaigns on Personal Sales and Sales Training before we work with you to start your leadership training. 

After you have signed up as an Avon Sales Leader, we work with you to get your first couple of team members and to teach you how to recruit before allowing you to go on to expanding your business!

All you need to do is fill in our form with your Basic Information so that a member of our team can be in touch!

You can apply to join our Avon Team here!

Is there any costs?

When joining Avon, you have to order a starter kit, these start at just £15!

These kits include a range of products to help you kick off your Career with Avon, including Brochures and other sales tools. However, Avon regularly offer the first starter kit for free, meaning you can Join Avon for absolutely nothing!

When you order your Starter Kit, you get 10 days to pay for it, meaning that when you join and order your kit, we will work with you as a team to achieve the £15 in sales through your Online Store!

So why should you become an Avon Sales Leader?

Being an Avon Sales Leader allows you to open the doors of opportunity to others and offer the same Avon Representative Position that was once offered to yourself! You get the chance to work with people and create your own Avon Business from the comfort of your own home!

Also, as an Avon Sales Leader, you get the chance to earn even more than you earn as a representative as you get to see the commission from your representatives and team as a whole too! This means more pay and more chance to earn even more than before!

And you can Join Avon in just a couple of clicks! Click Here to Join Avon today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! While you do have to complete your first campaign as a representative, anybody can become an Avon Sales Leader and be behind their very own Avon Business!

It does! As you grow your team and recruit, your income expands too! As you get paid a percentage of commission on your Teams sales each campaign, meaning alongside your personal sales, you can achieve even more!

Absolutely! We work closely with our Sales Leaders like we do with our Representatives to ensure that they get access to the Training and Content that they need to expand their Avon Business.

From Regular Updates to Training Units, we work to ensure that our Sales Leaders know how to recruit and that they know how to better their business!

Of course not! Becoming a Sales Leader is entirely optional and depends on how you want to expand and grow your business. If you want to move onto having a team of your own, great! If not, we will still work to support you and better your pay through your own Personal Sales!

Not at all! You don’t have to drive to do anything in relation to Avon! While driving may allow you to recruit door to door for your team and visit your team, you can do all of this from the comfort of your own home!

No additional cost! You just have to pay for the starter kit as a Representative which is just £15! Apart from that, no additional cost what so ever!