Become a representative

Find out more about becoming a Representative with Avon and what the position entails within Beauty Bosses UK!

What is an Avon representative?

Within Avon, an Avon Representative is somebody who sells Avon Products to customers across the United Kingdom. This can be come either through Brochures or through your Online Store. Avon Representatives do this and in return, get a commission of 20-25% on what they sell each campaign! So that means if a representative manages to sell £400 in sales, they could see £100! 

Joining Avon as a Representative is the point where people Join Avon before working through levels and becoming a Sales Leader with their very own team!

So, how do you sign up as a representative?

Joining Avon as a Sales Representative is easy and can be done in just a few seconds! Once you have applied, one of our Sales Leaders will be in touch to complete your application and officially sign you up to Avon!

All you need to do is fill in our form with your Basic Information so that a member of our team can be in touch!

You can apply to join our Avon Team here!

Is there any costs?

When joining Avon, you have to order a starter kit, these start at just £15!

These kits include a range of products to help you kick off your Career with Avon, including Brochures and other sales tools. However, Avon regularly offer the first starter kit for free, meaning you can Join Avon for absolutely nothing!

When you order your Starter Kit, you get 10 days to pay for it, meaning that when you join and order your kit, we will work with you as a team to achieve the £15 in sales through your Online Store!

Avon Starter Kits

So why should you become an Avon Representative?

Being an Avon Representative allows you to work within a very flexible environment. This allows you to fit Avon around your daily life, which is fantastic for Parents who need to collect children and those with other commitments such as other jobs etc!

Alongside that, Avon requires no previous sales skills or qualifications! We work with you to teach you the sales skills that you need to grow your Avon Business and income. You don’t need to know anything about sales or anything about Online Selling as we work with you to ensure that you know everything to sell Avon and earn an income!

Being an Avon Representative also comes with some benefits too! Such as:

  • Discount On Personal Orders
  • 20-25% Commission
  • First Look Brochure
  • Access To The Beauty Bosses UK Facebook Group

And you can Join Avon in just a couple of clicks! Click Here to Join Avon today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! A lot of our Representatives do Avon full-time and earn an income that is similar to that of another job. We work with you to build your business so that you can constantly work to achieve more within your Avon Business and you can work towards new positions and new levels!

There is! You have many options of selling when it comes to Selling Avon and each way allows you to target different customers! The ways to sell include:

  • Door To Door – With Brochures
  • Through Your Online Store
  • Through The Online Brochure (Using Social Media etc)
  • Online Avon Parties
  • Avon Events & Pitch Selling (Local Events, Fairs etc)

Absolutely Not! While selling in your Local Area is something we recommend when it comes to posting brochures and selling on doorsteps, you can also sell online and sell Avon Products to people across the United Kingdom.

You are free when it comes to selling Avon, you can do whatever you feel works!

Not at all! While driving may allow you to reach other areas, you don’t have to drive, you can walk like a lot of our representatives do! Especially if you choose to sell online! 

Full Support is exactly what you can expect when joining our Avon Team! We work closely with our Representatives to ensure that each of our representatives is earning their maximum each campaign and that they are working to their next level or goal! Our extended support includes:

  • Our Exclusive Facebook Group
  • Exclusive Content For Sales
  • Tutorial Videos & Help
  • Website Content
  • & More!

We offer our support alongside the support available within your Avon Dashboard too. There is always somebody just a message away that can help!

If you have a question that we haven’t answered, get in touch! A member of our team will be on hand to answer any questions that you may have!

You can contact a member of our team here!