Stationary & Sales tool codes

Find the codes that you need as a representative to be able to order stationary & sales tools through your Avon platform!

Stationary & Sales Tool Codes

Order Forms – 86959
Small Returns Bags (Free) – 90480
Large Returns Bags (Free) – 90472
Returns Labels (Free) – 91447
ParcelForce Return Labels (Free) – 91454
Returns Book (50p) – 82974
Cardboard Ring Sizer (Free) – 82917
Plastic Ring Sizer (£1) – 02725
Small Paper Bags X50 (40p) – 92502
Medium Paper Bags X50 (65p) – 92478
Large Paper Bags X50 (99p) – 92486
Medium Plastic Bags X5 (20p) – 92528
Large Plastic Bags X5 (35p) – 92536
Brochure Bags X50 (80p) – 76935
Calling Cards X100 (60p) – 82933
Fragrance Strips X60 (60p) – 20800
Lipstick Tester Holder (£2) – 63578
Fragrance Dipstick Holder (£2) – 63586
Laptop Bag (£6.50) – 88757

How to use the codes

When placing an order on your Avon Dashboard, you can insert one of the codes above to get products for your Avon Business. You can order a range of items from Plastic Bags to Laptop Bags. You can also order as many as you need! Some of these products will have come in your Starter Kit, however you may run out or you may need some for a specific order, the codes above allow you to do so!

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