Avon Representative Vs Sales LEader

Find out more about how the position of representative differs from Sales Leader and how each position provides different opportunities!

Building your avon business

Within Avon, you have the opportunity to expand your business through levels and positions and still work from home. These positions are Avon Representative & Avon Sales Leader. Each position provides different a different opportunity within your Business, each role differing slightly.

However, no matter what Avon Position you choose to furfull, you will still have personal sales and your personal commission each campaign, however Sales Leader allows you to build your business and have a team of your own!

So, what is an Avon representative?

An Avon Representative is the base level that people enter Avon within. The role of Representative is to sell Avon’s products in return for commission, this commission is usually 20-25%. With this position, you are working for yourself and usually by yourself! It’s down to you to work and achieve your commission and build your Avon Business, working to progress through Levels.

As an Avon Representative, you work within a Team of other representatives, as your Sales Leader and Upline work with you to help you achieve the maximum amount of sales possible!

What is an Avon Sales Leader?

An Avon Sales Leader is the next position within Avon that you can progress onto after being a representative for at least 1 campaign. This is where your role within Avon changes, as you open up more doors and work on expanding your business with People & Representatives.

While you still have personal sales to achieve and brochures to post, as an Avon Sales Leader, you can build a team and downline of your own! This means that alongside earning your personal commission, you also recruit people and manage an Avon Team of your own.

This means that the more Avon Representatives you recruit, that work to sell products and achieve sales, the more you can earn alongside your personal sales, meaning you can earn much more each campaign!

What's the difference?

Both positions differ in regards to what you do within Avon and how you earn your income each campaign, with Representatives doing Personal Sales & Sales Leaders doing both Personal Sales & Team Sales.

Avon Representative

Avon Sales Leader

Do you have to become an Avon sales leader?

Absolutely not! Becoming an Avon Sales Leader and moving from Representative is entirely optional and down to how you want to progress. People still have thriving incomes with Avon even as an Avon Representative. Being a Sales Leader just means that you get an opportunity to earn on a team of your own!

If you Join Avon and decide you don’t want to be an Avon Sales Leader, you can change that decision at any time! A member of our team will be on hand to process your Avon Application to be a Sales Leader!

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