Avon Moves To Parcelforce

Avon Moves To ParcelForce
Avon Moves To Parcelforce From DX For Better Deliveries And Slots.

For the last three years, DX has been delivering the millions of products to Avon Representatives across the Country. However, Avon’s Senior Management Team has decided to move away from DX and it’s fixed time slots to move into partnership with Parcelforce. This change of courier means flexible time slots, booked delivery, Saturday deliveries and more, allowing Representatives more flexibility with deliveries and more choice when it comes to options for delivery. Find out more about Avon’s move to Parcelforce below!

What benefits does moving from DX to Parcelforce have for representatives?

Moving from DX to Parcelforce has a number of benefits for representatives that means better deliveries and a better experience all round. These benefits include Saturday Deliveries, Flexibility and more!

  • Better Delivery Choices, Including Saturday And Choose Your Own Day
  • Post Office For Both Returns & Delivery Pickups
  • Track Your Order Via The App And On The Web
  • One Hour Delivery Windows
  • Express Services With No Limit On Box Numbers
  • Speedier Standard Deliveries (2-4 Days)

When Will this change be happening?

The change from DX to Parcelforce will be rolling out nationwide early march, however, Avon has rolled Parcelforce across 2 areas as a trial, to see how it will work for representatives. These areas include NN (Northamptonshire) and BT (Northern Ireland). As a representative, you should be due to receive or you should have already received your new labels for Parcelforce returns, ready for the move!

Any orders placed after Wednesday 26th February will be delivered by Parcelforce (except for the Channel Islands).

So Avon moves to Parcelforce, but will it affect our representative businesses?

Not at all! Parcelforce is just a courier contracted by Avon to deliver your orders and collect your returns. Along with the highlighted benefits, the only other difference that you might notice different delivery vehicles. Parcelforce vans tend to be Red!

Video from Parcelforce Worldwide

Above, you can find a video explaining more about Parcelforce and how they will work with Avon to deliver your products from their vast amount of depots and locations!

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14 thoughts on “Avon Moves To Parcelforce”

    1. Hi,

      Thanks for your comment! In order to get a returns label for ParcelForce, you need to contact Avon directly to ask for more labels as the ordering process isn’t quite complete yet. Avon did send some out when Avon moved to Parcelforce for deliveries!

      You can find out more about contacting Avon here: https://beauty-bosses.uk/how-to-contact-avon/

      If you contact Avon and explain that you need more labels, they will assist you in sending some out.


      1. Hi

        I have no idea what I am doing, I have now received a Parcel Force label for returns however, cannot get on the Avon website -it has been down for days to find the procedure

        1. Hi Claire,

          The Avon website is currently experiencing Cyber Related Issues and as a result, the website and communication systems are offline.

          I would advise that you attempt to take your returns to your Local Post Office Branch if you can’t process the returns with the driver.

          However, from what I understand, the Representative Side of the Website is operating as usual.

          As a Representative, I would attempt to contact your Upline for support.

          Kind Regards,

  1. Hi I’m wanting to return an item to avon I’ve packed it up ect.but I’m confused on what part of the new label I use on the package and what part I keep .I also have put one of the old labels on as stated .but confused with new labels so would like help if possible. thank you.

    1. Hi Ann,

      Thank you for commenting on our post. I totally see what you mean with the Label as it’s totally different to how it used to be.

      What you need to do is you need to keep the bottom bit of the returns label that says “for customer use” and then stick the rest of the label to the returns bag!

      If you need any more help, just get in touch!

  2. veronica Burns

    i have a parcel to return to Avon, i have put the labels on its ready to go, i work full time not not always around when my Avon box arrives to give this return to the parcel force driver, i can take it to my local post office and parcel force collect it from there??

  3. Hi
    Just wanted to ask if you use both the parcel force label and the avon label with the barcode on ? Also can I take returns to my local post office and is there a charge if returning through parcel force?
    Thanks Joanne
    PS I tried to post this yesterday and it said waiting approval so I don’t know if this is going to be duplicated.

    1. Hi Joanne,

      With Parcelforce being the main courier with Avon now, you should use the Parcelforce Labels as they contain the correct barcodes and information. You can indeed take your returns to your Local Post Office and returning through Parcelforce with your Driver is free, you just pass your returns on during your next delivery.


  4. I need to return something to Avon but am confused with the new labels. Do I just put the top half on with Avon’s address and the small barcode and then keep the bottom half with two barcodes

    1. Hi Caroline,

      That’s correct yes. You should have two parts to your Label. Once labeled up, you can pass this returns onto your Parcelforce Driver during your next Delivery.


  5. Hi. I need some help in regards to returning products via post office.
    I usually return goods via driver on del of order but i have wondered how it works via post office option i loved returning through debenhams before it got stopped. Is it same bags, labels etc. I have some returns to send back as they are cluttering up my space but dont want to order just now could you give me a step by step guide please.

    1. Hi Shaz,

      As long as your returns bag is labeled up correctly with your Parcelforce Label, you can take it to your Local Post Office and they will pass your Returns onto their next Parcelforce Driver.


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