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With the world under Lockdown as a result of the Coronavirus Pandemic, Avon Representatives across the United Kingdom are having to result to Online Sales due to the changes made by Avon from Campaign 9 onwards. Remember that Avon Brochures will be back, but some changes are being made. This means changes for both Representatives & Customers of Avon and in this post, you can find out more about the changes from Campaign 9 onwards and how you can continue to shop with Avon and purchase your favorite products!

From Campaign 9 onwards, Avon are discontinuing brochures until after the Lockdown, however they will be back! Avon have confirmed that they will be operating as normal once the Lockdown is over. In the meantime, you can continue to shop with Avon through your usual Representative’s online store or through the online campaign 9 brochure, which most representatives will be sharing with customers.

Depending on how you continue to shop with your Avon Representative, depends on how your order will arrive with you. If you order with your representative through their online brochure, your representative will place your order as normal. This means that your order will be delivered by your representative as normal when the order is delivered to your representative by Avon. However if you decide to order through your Representative’s online store, your order will be delivered by Avon directly to your home address. This works the same as it would if you was to purchase from other online retailers such as Amazon or eBay! You can find out more about it below!

When will Brochures return?

Avon released in a statement earlier this week that brochures will return after the lockdown and when it is safe to do so. This means that Representatives will be able to post Brochures as normal after the Covid-19 Lockdown has finished, but only when it is safe to do so.

For campaign 8, it is service as normal and you will still see a brochure from your representative. The changes to brochures are only due to start from Campaign 9 onwards. Your Representative should inform you of their plan moving forward in regards to how they are going to collect orders. They may call you during Campaign 9 to ask you for your order. This is more beneficial for those who order the same products frequently.

How can you sell/buy Avon in the meantime?

As mentioned above, the brochure changes are only taking place from Campaign 9, Campaign 8 is operating as normal. However, when it does come to Campaign 9, you have several methods of purchasing or selling your Avon Products. While you don’t have a physical brochure, you can access the same content and products online.

Representative’s Online Store

One of the main ways you can purchase Avon from Campaign 9 onwards is through your Representative’s Online Store. This is an Online Store that is through your representative but it still contains the same great products as you would see in a brochure. This means that you can still purchase your products but you are still shopping with your usual representative too!

The only difference with ordering through an Avon Online Store is that you will incur Delivery Charges. This is because of the way the delivery process is carried out when using the online store. When you normally order Avon through your Usual Representative, it is delivered and paid for on your Doorstep. However, when purchasing through an Online Store, Avon processes the order and it is delivered directly to your door through a courier.

This means that the ordering process is entirely order to delivery and your representative won’t come to collect your order or deliver your order either. The standard delivery cost when shopping with Avon Online is £2.50.

online Brochure

Another way to shop with your representative is through the online brochure. During Campaign 9, your representative will offer you the chance to receive a link to the online brochure. This is the normal brochure that you would receive, but accessible on a smart device. You then look through the brochure and take a look at the many products and offers on during that campaign and then forward your order to your representative through either a message or through a phone call.

Your representative will then place the order as they would if they had collected your order from your home address and then deliver it as normal. The only part that changes is how you place your order as your representative won’t collect it.

Social Media

A lot of Avon Representatives use Social Media platforms such as Facebook to promote and expand their Avon Business. This is great for customers as Avon Representatives usually post links to popular products and offers, alongside showcasing a lot of the brochure too. You are free to order from your Representative as much as you like so if you see a bargain on Facebook, send them a message!

Your Representative will work to ensure that you see the right products and that you aren’t missing out. This means that you will still be able to get your products and sale items as you would any other campaign!

So, make sure you still order as Avon brochures will be back!

While the way brochures and the selling of Avon is changing, the ordering and delivery of products is still very much the same as it always has been. Make sure that you still order the same popular products that you always do! If you don’t get contacted by your Representative, make sure you contact them! And remember, Avon Brochures will be back when the lockdown has lifted and when it is safe to do so!

Joining Avon is easy too!

You can join Avon and be a representative behind your very own Avon Business in just a few minutes! We have our application form here which you can fill out with your basic information for our team to process and sign you up!

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch and join Avon today!

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