Apps To Use For Your Avon Business

5 Apps To Use For Your Avon Business
Apps To Use For Your Avon Business

When building your Avon Business, you may find that some tasks are more difficult to complete such as advertising to grow your Business, creating Images & Graphics and much more. However, you can use some Apps to help you with those tasks! In this post, you can find out more about what apps can help you to carry out certain tasks and how you can boost your Business from your Mobile Device! Using the right apps for your Avon Business can help you to grow and mold your Business!

Some tasks are difficult to complete within your Avon Business, however using the right Apps can help you to complete those tasks, from the palm of your hand, with ease! Find out more in our Blog Post!

Apps such as Facebook & Canva can help you to grow and expand your Avon Business and your Avon Sales as they can provide you with the Content and Platform that you need to advertise and promote your Avon Business & Products online. Below, you can find out list of Applications that we use within our Avon Business!

Facebook (Advertising & General Promotion) – Apps To Use For Your Avon Business

Apps To Use For Your Avon Business - Facebook
Facebook (Advertising & General Promotion)

The main app that we use for our Avon Business is Facebook. It works as a General Platform for our Business to communicate but it’s main feature that a lot of Avon Representatives use it for is the sheer amount of reach available in just a couple of clicks!

Whether you use it to promote your Avon Business publicly or within a Private Group, Facebook can help to skyrocket your Avon Business in just a couple of clicks and it’s the platform that we would recommend as an Avon Team the most!

You can use Facebook for the following within your Avon Business;

  • Promoting Your Avon Products & Generating Sales
  • Communication With Your Team & Other Avon Representatives
  • Keep Up To Date With Avon
  • To Sell Online Through Your Store Link

The main benefit and feature of Facebook, as mentioned is the sheer reach that is available. You can reach thousands of people by just posting which makes building your Avon Business as easy as possible! You can even share your posts in Groups that are Geographical Located, meaning you can target the right audience and location with your posts!

Alongside that, you can use Personal Facebook for your Avon Business, with no separate accounts or setup, making it even easier to include Avon within your Normal, Everyday Life!

If you’re not using Facebook for your Avon Business, you are missing out, massively!

NextDoor (Local Advertising & Brochure Posting) – Apps To Use For Your Avon Business

Apps To Use For Your Avon Business - NextDoor
NextDoor (Local Advertising & Brochure Posting)

NextDoor is another one of the many apps that we use within our Avon Business as a platform to promote Avon and our Services, but locally.

For those people who don’t know what NextDoor is, NextDoor is a Local Social Media App for other residents and neighbors around the area you live within. The idea is that you can speak to and reach people within your area or even “NextDoor” to you with your posts.

It’s original concept was to be used to discuss local events or local situations such as any on-going crime or any scenarios, however you can use NextDoor for anything, much like any other Social Media Platform.

But how can you use NextDoor App for Avon? Well, as the app is designed to reach people within your Local Area, it’s perfect for Local Advertising. Whether you are Advertising your Online Store or even Advertising to Post Brochures, you can generate Local Business through the NextDoor App!

As for Apps to use for your Avon Business, NextDoor is a MUST when it comes to selling Locally, through Brochures as you can reach people Locally, without appealing to the wrong people!

The only downside of Promoting Locally through NextDoor is the fact that other Local Avon Representatives will be using the same App and therefore reaching the same people, so you need to go over the top to provide for your potential customers, whether that be regular campaigns, special offers etc!

But NextDoor is great for those extra few personal sales!

Canva (Graphics & Image Design) – Apps To Use For Your Avon Business

Apps To Use For Your Avon Business - Canva
Canva (Graphics & Image Design)

While Facebook & NextDoor are great platforms to advertise your Avon Business on, you need content and images to add to your posts to stand out from other Avon Representatives. Your Content has to be unique and stand out to get new customers and new sales!

That’s where Canva comes in! Canva is an Online/App Graphic Design Platform that allows you to design images and graphics from the palm of your hand in seconds.

It’s great for those last minute posts while your on the move to promote that one product and it’s exceptional at providing different image sizes to promote different things, whether it be a product for a sale post or written information for your Avon Team!

Alongside that, you can also carry out a range of tasks through Canva such as Image Design, Image Editing, Video Editing and much more, giving you a real advantage over other Avon Representatives!

The best bit? Like NextDoor and Facebook, it’s FREE! Meaning that you can create quality, unique content, for FREE with no extra cost!

If you’re not using it, you absolutely should be!

Google Keep (Tracking, To-Do Lists, Productivity) – Apps To Use For Your Avon Business

Tracking & To-Do Lists
Google Keep (Tracking, To-Do Lists, Productivity)

While it’s great to generate Sales for your Avon Business through promoting, you need to keep a track of what you are doing with your Avon Business. This is essential to the grow and scaling of your Business and Income as a whole.

Google Keep is a fantastic app that allows you to track what you are doing with your Avon Business, along with Note Taking and even working, To-Do Lists! Google Keep can Keep you on track with your Avon Business, allowing you to track what you are doing and how you can progress!

The best feature of the app has to be the fact that you can setup and use working To-Do Lists, meaning that you can set a list of things that you need to do and complete within an Avon Campaign or even a list of goals within your Business and you can track them throughout the campaign on your list!

Alongside that, the Notes taking side of the App is exceptionally good, with the ability to record Voice, include Images and much more, allowing for detailed and beneficial note taking!

It’s something that we didn’t use much of until we found out more about the power of the app and now we use it all of the time!

Avon ON (For Your Avon Information & Resources)

Avon ON App
Avon ON (Avon Information & Resources)

The Avon ON app is something that a lot of Representatives are already using, however it’s a huge part of our Avon Business too. The Avon ON app is the Official Avon App for Information, The Digital Brochure and much more and contains a lot of Avon Information & Resources for your Avon Business.

This app has been designed to be used within your Avon Business and as a result, can help you to grow and expand your Avon Business in no time!

Whether you need a link to the Digital Brochure or you want to find something out for a member of your team or a customer, the Avon ON app can be a huge help!

It’s something that check and grab bits and pieces from on a Daily Basis but something that we feel is essential for every Avon Representative!

So Start Using Apps today!

Start using Apps for your Avon Business today and start building and expanding your income and sales through the many tools and platforms that we have to offer! Whether you want to sell more Locally or sell more Online, you can do exactly that through a range of Apps for your Avon Business!

You can find all of the apps mentioned on both the Apple App Store and the Android Google Play Store, meaning that you can access the content and tools on any device, on the go!

Start achieving even more sales with your Avon Business, today!

Apps For Your Avon Business FAQ

What Are The Best Apps For Your Avon Business?

Apps for your Avon Business that you should be using are Facebook, NextDoor, Canva, Google Keep & Avon ON. These Apps can help you to really grow and build your Avon Business from the ground up!

Can Apps Really Help Your Avon Business?

Short answer, absolutely. Using the Right Apps can help your Avon Business to move forward massively! Whether you are trying to advertise more of you want to grow locally!

How Long Have We Used These Apps?

We have used these Apps for Our Avon Business since the start of our Avon Journey, years ago! These apps have really helped us to get started on our journey as a Business!

Should You Be Using Apps For Your Avon Business?

Absolutely. You should be using Apps for every aspect of your Business as they will allow you to work on the move, and allow you to Grow & Expand your Avon Business!

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