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Find out more about Beauty Bosses UK and more about what we do as a team of Avon representatives and leaders!

About Us

Beauty Bosses UK is a team of Avon Sales Leaders & Representatives that all sell Avon Cosmetics across the United Kingdom. Our team is made up of over 50 Avon Representatives that are all working from home and living the work from home dream, while having a monthly income! Beauty Bosses UK is ran by our Sales Leaders, Sami & Heather and also Marketing Expert & Agency Owner, Ryan to give our Sales Representatives & Team the best possible chance of growth within their Avon Business and to also make sure that our team have the ability to maximise their earnings each month!

Beauty Bosses UK Team

Avon Vs Younique

Sami Hamilton

Avon Sales Leader

Hi, My name is Sami and I am one of the Sales Leaders & Owners here at Beauty Bosses UK. You will probably first meet me when you are joining our Avon Team as I will most likely be the one to complete your joining process & information! You can find out more about me by clicking the button below!

Avon Vs Younique

Heather Hamilton

Avon Sales Leader

Hi, My name is Heather and I am one of the Sales Leaders here at Beauty Bosses UK. I focus on Personal Sales and work closely with my daughter, Sami to maximise our income as a team! You may be part of my Avon Team and you will meet me as part of your Video Call when joining Avon as a Sales Representative!

Avon Vs Younique

Ryan Houghton

Marketing & Social Expert

Hi, My name is Ryan and I am the Marketing & Social Expert here at Beauty Bosses UK. I work closely with the Representatives at Beauty Bosses UK to give them the tools and content that they need to expand their Avon Business both Online & Offline. I built this website that you are reading this information on!

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Join Avon Today by completing our Form and one of our Avon Sales Leaders will be in touch in regards to joining Avon! Selling Avon from home through books or your Online Store has never been easier!